CBECC-Com Nonresidential Compliance Software

CBECC-Com Support/Training - Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ)

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Q: Are there any other training provided by resources outside the Energy Commission?
A:The Energy Commission is working with the utility statewide training programs to provide additional training and user support for CBECC-Com. Please contact your local utility for future training opportunities.

Q: Is there any telephone support available for this software (CBECC-Com)?
A: We do not have resources to provide telephone support for each question. However, we have developed a Quick Start Guide and a User Manual for those who would like to learn this software. Once you have interactively worked on this software you can submit a ticket through our issue reporting system if you find any bugs or problems with the software.

Both the user manual and quick start guide are installed in your computer when CBECC-Com is installed. These can be accessed via a pull-down menu option: Help -->Quick Start Guide or Help -->User Manual. Most recent version of the compliance forms are also available under the Help menu option.

Q: How can I be notified when a newer version of the Compliance Software is available?
A: Please sign up for our e-mail listing using the listserver categories: Efficiency, Building Standards or Blueprint. We send out any change or updates to the list of certified software, training availability, and other useful information relating to 2013/2016 Compliance Software through these email distributions.

Q: Where do I find the list-server sign-up area for getting future announcements?
A: Please visit the link ( http://www.energy.ca.gov/efficiency/listservers.html ) to select and register the e-mail distribution categories.

Q: How do I find a sample file that I can use to learn this software?
A: Several sample files are also distributed with the current release of CBECC-Com. When you install the CBECC-Com a sub-directory in the user area under C:\Users\{username}\Documents\CBECC-Com 2013 Projects.

Q: What other software tools are needed for using this software?
A: If you are planning to create and run performance compliance in CBECC-Com you will need to download two additional plug-in tools: Sketchup and Openstudio. Please visit the software download area at ( http://bees.archenergy.com/software.html ) section 2 for the necessary links and associated information.

Q: Are there any additional training or support provided for learning to use these tools (Sketchup/Openstudio)?
A: Many on-demand videos are already available on the web for learning sketchup. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has also a forum where support using these software tools are provided at ( https://openstudio.nrel.gov/sketchup-plug-tutorials ) and at ( https://openstudio.nrel.gov/forums/openstudio-application/general-discussion/where-start ). The second link is a forum area where support and tutorials on Openstudio are provided.

Q: Who should I contact if I have an error while using the CBECC-Com tool?
A: Currently we do not have dedicated staff for providing one-on-one support for such project specific issues. At this time we expect user to report the necessary information: specific error (providing a screen capture of the error), project input file, version of CBECC-Com through our issue reporting link at http://bees.archenergy.com/issue.html.

Please help us recreate the issue by providing enough information. We will contact back at the given email and/or user information to provide a feedback on your error report once we resolve your issue.

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