CBECC Title-24 Compliance Software

CBECC uses EnergyPlus and California Simulation Engine (CSE) to perform simulations using a Simplified Geometry Method or Detailed Geometry Method with Sketchup and OpenStudio SketchUp Plugin for Detailed geometry input. Instructions and links for downloading the compliance software and the associated supporting software are listed below.

  1. DOWNLOAD/INSTALL CBECC 2025.0.4 RV (Research Version)

    Click here to download and install CBECC 2025.0.4 RV

    CBECC 2025.04 RV has not been approved by the California Energy Commission and cannot be used to show compliance with Title-24 Standards.


    Click here to download additional 2025 prototypes (Google Drive)

    Download additional CBECC 2025 prototypes developed for research purposes and not included with the CBECC 2025 installer.