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Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ)

Please select a category below to view frequently asked questions for CBECC-Com.

1. Compliance Software 7. Building Internal Loads
2. Exceptional Design Compliance 8. Building HVAC Systems
3. Quick Analysis 9. Compliance Reporting
4. Support/Training 10. Unmet Load Hours (UMLH)
5. General 11. Highrise Residential Modeling
6. Building Envelope/Geometry 12. Modeling Large Central Heat-Pump Water Heaters
CBECC-Com 2019 Technical Aids  (FAQ)

A series of CBECC-Com 2019 technical aids were developed for CALBEM funded by Southern California Edison. These documents are aimed to help users with modeling for Californias 2019 Building Energy Efficiency Standards: Title 24, Part 6.

Q: How can radiant heating and cooling systems be modeled? [PDF]
Q: How is heat recovery ventilation (HRV) modeled for high-rise residential buildings? [PDF]
Q: What is the new performance compliance metric that will apply to the 2022 CA Title 24 Code? [PDF]
Q: How do I use the Batch Processing capability in CBECC-Com? [PDF]
Q: How are Air Systems and Zone Systems different in CBECC-Com? [PDF]
Q: Which Process Loads can be modeled for compliance credit? [PDF]
Q: How are mechanical systems defined in the energy model? [PDF]
Q: How can all-electric buildings be modeled for the Energy Code? [PDF]
Q: How can modeling issues be solved using output files? [PDF]

For more FAQs and more detailed modeling questions and answers from the CBECC user community, please refer to unmethours.com. Its a new type of resource that has emerged from the programming world as an alternative to mailing lists or forums. You ask a question. Other modelers answer it. The best answer gets voted to the top. Or you can search on your topic and you might find that your question has already been asked and answered.

Several CBECC questions are already answered here: https://unmethours.com/questions/scope:all/sort:activity-desc/tags:cbecc-com/