CBECC-Com Nonresidential Compliance Software

CBECC-Com uses EnergyPlus to perform simulations using a Simplified Geometry Method or Detailed Geometry Method with Sketchup and OpenStudio SketchUp Plugin for Detailed geometry input. Instructions and links for downloading the compliance software and the associated supporting software are listed below.

  1. DOWNLOAD/INSTALL CBECC-Com 2016.3.0 - Approved by California Energy Commission

    Click here to download and install CBECC-Com 2016.3.0 SP2

    This is a bug fix release that includes updates and fixes various issues identified in CBECC-Com 2016.3.0 SP1 (980) release. Users are advised to download and install this update. Please note that CBECC-Com 2016.3.0 SP1 (980) & CBECC-Com 2016.3.0 (963) must be uninstalled prior to installing this service pack.

    Updates/bugs fixed in this version:
    • Update to CBECC-Com executables to fix various issues as detailed in the Quick Stary Guide
    • Added feature to speed user input of large, complex models by postponing input defaulting based on actions taken by the user.
    • Updates to various material properties and addition/removal of materials.
    • Added the ability to include two metal framed composite layers in an ExtWall construction.
    • Updates to rules to add a warning to the user interface and log file when a user has modeled a glazing with VT < prescriptve minimum.
    • Update prescriptive daylighting exceptional condition rules to trigger the exceptional condition only in cases where total project new window area > 0 and allow exception 1 and/or 2 to 130.1(d)2.
    • Various updates to rules for detailed geometry models
    • Various updates to residential water heating rules
    • Update rules to allow WaterSouce condenser to be used for DX coils in AirSystems
    • Updates to rules and user interface to remove “Zone Designed Without Cooling” option.
    • Updates to allow 'FPFC' ZoneSystems to be modeled without a chilled water coil (two-pipe heating only system).
    • Various updates to ventilation rules for residential and nonresidential spaces
    • Heat rejection systems now allow use of closed cooling towers and evaporative closed cooling towers.
    • For more bug-fixes see Quick Start Guide

    • CBECC-Com 2016.3.0 has been approved by the California Energy Commission for Title 24 compliance.
    • Quick-Start Guide | User Manual
    • Several example files are included with CBECC-Com and can be found in the C:\Users\(your username)\Documents\CBECC-Com 2016 Projects\ folder for a typical installation. These examples demonstrate how to assemble various building and HVAC system types.

    Installation Instructions:
    • When installing CBECC-Com 2016.3.0 SP2 on a computer that already has CBECC-Com 2016.3.0/ 2016.3.0 SP1 or CBECC-Com 2016.2.1 version installed, please make sure to select custom installation. In the custom installation dialog box please rename the paths to point to a new folder name other than the previous installations to avoid installing over the previous version(s).
    • If CBECC-Com 2016.3.0 SP2 is installed over the previous version it will not be a valid installation and would generate compliance reports that are watermarked.

  2. CBECC-Com Compliance Manager Software Documentation

    If you are interested in using the CBECC-Com Compliance Manager in third-party vendor compliance software tools, the software documentation for the compliance manager can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

    CBECC-Com Compliance Manager Software Documentation v15 (2016.3.0)

    CBECC-Com Input Data Model Changes from version 2016.3.0 SP1 to 2016.3.0 SP2

    CBECC-Com Input Data Model Changes from version 2016.3.0 to 2016.3.0 SP1

  3. Standards Data Dictionary (SDD)

    The Standards Data Dictionary (SDD) defines the terminology and data model for compliance software and can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

    Download the latest 2016 SDD Workbook (09/12/2017)

  4. Click here to download SketchUp & OpenStudio SketchUp Plugin